Minggu, November 23, 2008

Fundamental Commitments of Transformation

There are three fundamental commitments of Transformational Leadership:

1. Personal Transformation – Transformed Christ-like leaders are committed to Personal Transformation, a state of being transformed.

2. Relational Transformation – Transformed Christ-like leaders practice personal transformation and builds relational connections for transformation.

3. Community Transformation - Transformed followers of Christ want nothing more than to see their spheres of influence embrace a relationship with the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Personal Transformation: The leader has a clear vision of and vision path to his/her true self and is making significant, measurable progress toward achievement of that vision

Path (Personal Revival)

• Habit of practicing spiritual disciplines: Consistently seeking God’s direction through prayer, fasting, meditation, solitude, perseverance and Bible study.

• Habit of authentic community (self-awareness and self-disclosure in committed relationship): Having the ability to look deeply within, to understand strengths and weaknesses and how that impacts your worldview.

• Commitment to ongoing learning and acquisition of skills: Learning in the context of a team that expands a group’s desired results.

• Transformational goals that are clear and measurable: Goals that bring the assumptions of Transformational Leadership to every aspect of the leaders life.

• Vision of True Self: An accurate perception of practicing transformational values

• Walking in the light: Reflecting the values of transformation.

• Power encounters at the personal level of transformation: Maintaining creative tension for transformation by taking time for personal renewal and reflection

Relational Transformation – A significant number of a transformed leader’s community of relationships are lead to experience a clear, shared vision and vision path for personal transformation and is making significant, measurable progress towards becoming a transformed community of Christ-like leaders. (Relational Revival)

• Continuing corporate intercession: Practicing the priesthood of the Body of Christ on a consistent basis.
• Ongoing application of the Biblical Transformation model of Jesus Christ.
•Learning Community: An equipped community of transformed leaders who have the ability to expand the vision for transformed communities.
• Investing in community transformation with wider body of Christ: Cooperating with the wider body of Christ beyond denominational and social barriers, to engage in city reaching.
• Strategy for multiplication (global/local): Adopting a strategy for rapid reproduction of disciples.
• Power encounters at the relational level: Creating an environment for healthy reproduction of disciples by maintaining creative tension for transformation by taking time for relational community renewal and reflection.

Community Transformation – A critical mass of transformed Christ-like followers in a geographically or socially defined community have a clear, shared vision and vision path and are making significant, measurable progress toward the achievement of transforming their community of influence. (Transforming Revival - The Body of Christ will experience an invitation from God to participate with Him to redeem a lost world around them through transforming revival.)

• Fervent, united, self-less intercession: “If My people who are called by My Name would humble themselves and pray, seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land” II Chronicles 7:14
• Emergence of preserving leadership: Defined leadership that requires enormous personal maturity and assurance in who God called them to be and to do.
• Social impact: The transformation of social influences at every level
• Understanding of community’s needs (diagnostic research): A review and an assessment of community values and spiritual mapping of a given region or identified social sector.
• Power encounters at the community level: An experience of coming face to face with God and His Word that confronts past behavior, uprooting all negative influences. As such, many will discover God’s plan for personal, relational and community/domain transformation.
• Saturation church planting: Facilitation of a church planting movement through relational networks
• A rapid reproduction of “disciples making disciples” in oikos relationships: Within a short period of time, God transformed lives will in turn have the capacity to transform others. This is done through relational reproducible networks.

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